Welcome to an experience of great seafaring tradition. offers tailor-made schedules for aspiring travelers, who love to enjoy lavish interiors of the ship and the excitement of wild sea waves. Join us to an entire World Voyage or cruise from your nearest city. Our magnificent super liners will call into Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia and Auckland, New Zealand offering you a wealth of opportunities. Searching for a longer voyage? You can sail all the way to Europe, or you can fly out to Europe and join Arcadia, Aurora or Oriana for their voyages to Australia and New Zealand. If your time is limited we have shorter schedules that start from 12 nights. No other cruise line offers world voyages with such coverage of the globe or such variety in terms of ships or itineraries.

With Jusmin we promise you lots of fun and absolute excitement throughout the excursion along with the fabulous on board services that would be offered with an ultimate grace. Immerse yourself in three of the most tantalizing regions in the world. Asia is a continent that stirs the emotions and excites the senses, From Nagasaki in Japan to Halong Bay in Vietnam; you can delve into the heart of these bewitching parts of the world. Some of the most fascinating destinations in the Mediterranean and Middle East, including Tripoli in Libya have formed part of her irresistible maiden world voyage.

In 2009 our magnificent super liners Arcadia, Aurora and Oriana charted different routes across the globe, visiting over 71 destinations in 34 countries.
Choose the course and duration of the voyage that suits you best from over 50 enticing selections.

Choose from our specialized cruises and melt in the enchanting journey of your life. Or simultaneously contact us at

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